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2016 Reading List Challenge

It’s that time of year when people make new years resolutions and one of the common ones is to read more. But what? If you want a grand master plan or just some sort of direction you might be assembling a reading list.

So, here is a reading list challenge for you.

Can you read all of these in 2016. A book written in 2016 A book written before you were born A book set in the future which is now the past A book about a migrant A book that you've always meant to re-read A book that is mentioned in a song A book that was not originally written in English A book written by a Nobel Prize winner A books set in the Middle East A graphic novel A book on a subject you know nothing about. A book based on a fairy tale A book about climate change A book written more than 100 years ago A book on human rights

Your time starts now. If you manage the above then reward yourself. Maybe with a good book…

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